Community Bible Study



Come see what happens in people’s lives when they discover God through the study of His Word, the Bible.Our classes meet weekly during the school year. Each class member receives a course book with a commentary and home study questions. Each week, you’ll participate in small group discussions and a large group teaching. From time to time, fellowship meals will provide special times of sharing and relationship building within the class.


This is a Co-Ed Class
Mondays at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Evening Class


We are all people of all ages
We are families, singles, married couples, divorced, widowed, kids and young adults
We are people who love our churches but also love the idea of studying with people from various denominations and perspectives
Some of us attend church and some of us don’t
Some of us are people who work all day and are tired at night
People who read the Bible everyday
People who buy a Bible for the first time
People who want to know Jesus better
We are spiritually curious but yet not affiliated with a church
People who want God’s word in their heart
People who want to know truth
People who simply enjoy studying the Bible
We study God’s word
We meet together weekly for encouragement, insight, discussion, teaching and fellowship
We share and we listen
We connect in small groups
We provide a place where everyone is comfortable and cared for while becoming confident in the Word.
We spend around 20 minutes a day at home studying the Bible
Learn to apply truth to real life situations
We serve others
We study books of the Bible chapter by chapter
We study for application and transformation
We provide a place where people can be real and openly share joys and their challenges
We provide age-appropriate Bible study for all ages
We are timely—we start on time and end on time to honor people’s busy schedules
We bring people together in the community
To know God
To know peace when life is hectic
To experience joy like never before
To have strength in the struggles
To know you are loved by God
To not be so grumpy
To transform lives
To renew our minds and transform our lives
To know truth that sets us free
To meet people
To be a community
To truly know God’s plan each of us
To simply live a better life
To know what the Bible is all about
To bring truth to a world with conflicting ideas

Currently Studying: Daniel, Revelation

Set in the Babylonian captivity, the book of DANIEL focuses on God’s sovereign control of heaven and earth, from beginning to end. The familiar stories of Daniel 1–6 provide a great model for living a godly life in a hostile environment. Chapters 7–12 provide compelling pictures of God’s eternal, unshakable kingdom that will prevail, no matter how bad things seem at the moment.

The book of REVELATION is an exciting study in which Jesus Christ appears in all His glory. He is revealed as the Lamb of God, Bridegroom, King, and Judge. Prophecies are examined against the backdrop of God’s overriding plan for creation since the beginning of time and on through eternity.


Debby Millhouse
Teaching Director
Eric Murphy
Associate Teaching Director
Roy Dunderdale
Cathy Thompson
Children & Youth Director


Children & Youth Ministry

Through a variety of activities such as Bible teaching, Scripture memory work, crafts, music, games and other activities, we seek to provide a nurturing environment where students can learn about Jesus' wonderful love for them. We also come alongside parents as they teach and train their children to live out God’s truths in their lives. We welcome your children to experience the love of Jesus through the loving servants in our CBS Students Ministry.

Upcoming Events

Monday, October 28, 7:00 PM-8:30 PM

Daniel Lesson 8

Core Groups & Teaching

Lesson 8: Daniel in the Lions’ Den

Monday, November 4, 7:00 PM-8:30 PM

Daniel Lesson 9

Core Groups & Teaching

Lesson 9: Daniel’s Vision of Beasts, a Ram, and a Goat

Monday, November 11, 6:30 PM-8:40 PM

Daniel Lesson 10

Core Groups Fellowship/Class & Teaching

Lesson 10: Daniel’s Prayer


CHARLOTTE EVE - NC meets at the following address

New City Church (formerly Church at Charlotte)
2500 Carmel Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28226.